Screenplay Analysis:

With ScriptDoctor’s complete Screenplay Diagnosis and Medication service, you will receive Five to Seven pages of notes and an audio recording detailing what works and what doesn’t work.  Specifically in the areas of: Tone, Plot, Maintaining Dramatic Action, Character Arc, Character Consistency, Character Novelty, Dialogue and Scene Structure.  And suggestions about how you might start your revisions. Also, we mark up your script with format problems, questionable moments, etc.


Perhaps you would like to give your script a quick and thorough overview.
With ScriptDoctor’s Check-Up service, you will receive a page of notes that tell you what’s working and what’s not working.

Can We Talk?

Sure…with our Screenplay Talk Therapy service! You can pick our brains and get elaboration on our diagnosis. You can even complain, within reason, in hopes of clarifying what we’ve said.

Contest Entries 
Use any PayPal button. See Contest Pages for early and late deadline costs. (Know the 2 sets of Judge Coverage you get will be worth $300 in the marketplace)

ScriptDoctor Contract

Here’s how our agreement works, the ScriptDoctor Contract

Purchase Services

ICS Summer Intensive
Medication: $100-$300


Screenplay Diagnosis and Medication
Medication: $4.00 per page


ScriptDoctor’s Check-Up service
Coverage – $200.00


Screenplay Talk Therapy
Follow-Up Phone – $175.00