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September 23, 2015

Announcing the Winners and Finalists of the 2016 Contest of Contest Winners!

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Contest of Contest Winners only accept entries that have been a Finalist or better in another qualifying competition (quarter- and semi- for prestigious competitions) during the past five years, so rest assured that these scripts have been vetted. We know you’re going to want to take a look.
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                    1st Place Winner:                    

Leach Of Liverpool
by Robin Christian
Underdog Sam Leach, the early manager and promoter of the Beatles, must face the failures of his past and potential failure of his present when he decides to organize a proper memorial service for the late John Lennon.
{Qualifying Contest: Breckenridge Festival of Film 2008; Audience Award Best Feature Film
-Act Your Age}

                    2nd Place Winner:                    
The Art Of Silence
by Mary Krell-Oishi
When young Marcel Marceau finds himself and his country under siege he joins with his brother and friends to fight the Nazis and keep his first love close to him.
{Qualifying Contest:  Nicholl 2014, Top 50}

(listed in alphabetical order, by script title)

The Abolitionists
by Leslie Lyshkov

A Manchurian cavalry officer travels to 1853 California in a quest to acquire Sharps rifles to battle Taiping rebels, but first he must abolish the operations of the greedy slaver who is providing the rifles to the Taiping.
{Qualifying Contest:  Screencraft Action/Thriller 2015; }

Alien In My Pocket
by Joe Boriello
To continue his family’s legacy of peaceful space diplomacy, a pocket-sized alien prince tries to prove his worth as king by traveling to Earth to open relations, but when he discovers his Uncle is plotting his assassination to achieve galactic domination, he must team with the humans and use his diplomacy to restore peace.
{Qualifying Contest:  Reel Writers 2014; Winner)

A Most Irish Proposal, Indeed
by Grace Wessbecher
The true story of a 10-year old, cross-eyed, Irish boy achieving the impossible by wrestling his way out of Hell and the coal mines of Wigan, England in the 1870s. He makes a better life for his family but at just 5ft 6in and 145lbs faces corruption, his disability, and losing everything in a wrestling match with America’s most deadly and brutal wrestler for the Heavy-weight Championship of the World.
{Qualifying Contest: Austin FF 2014; Qtr-finalist/Drama}

The Dumbest Generation
by Leslie Lyshkov
A 2017 Millennial who is ignorant of history finds himself transported to 1942 where the army needs his knowledge of World War ll history to help the US win the war.
{Qualifying Contest:  Quarter-finalist; Acclaim f/w 2015 Finalist}

Fool Saint
by Brian Gerber
In a bleak futuristic world where people long to leave earth for Mars and ‘kinetics’ can be ordered with specific personality traits and memories installed, a thoughtful priest wrestles with questions of faith, God and what it means to be human.
{Qualifying Contest: Zoetrope 2013, Top Ten}

Grass Monkeys
by Matt Wildash
A small-town landscape gardener has a chance to revive his failing business when the mayor and council back his company to beautify their town and compete in a state-wide landscaping contest for a big cash prize… until his disillusioned partner angrily quits and goes to work for their fiercest rivals competing in the next town.
{Qualifying Contest: Bluecat 2016; Semi-Finalist Cordelia Award}

Renaissance Man
by Robert Tolz
A beautiful renaissance faire actress who’s a 99-percenter, and staunchly proud of it, falls for a witty, kind and multi-talented Faire visitor, until she finds out he’s an incredibly rich one-percenter and her undercover boss.
{Qualifying Contest: Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest 2015; Finalist Comedy; etc}

Welcome To The Hotel Chateau Cheveaux
by Michael Snow
After inheriting a once glamourous hotel from a distant relative he never knew, a down-on-his-luck puppet-man accidentaly summons a horde of ravenous monsters intent on eating his famous and fashionable guests.
{Qualifying Contest: Launch Pad 2015 Top 25}

Meet some of the writers at the Sunscreen Film Festival West in Hermosa Beach, CA, September 29-October 2, 2016 where Winners and Finalists will be awarded and recognized during the festival’s award ceremony.

When contacting the writers, please be sure to attribute CCW as your source.
Thanks for your consideration, and here’s to filmmaking!

Or, click here for  information about 2015 winning entries.


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