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March 13, 2014

How Our Screenplay Analysis Works

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With ScriptDoctor’s complete Diagnosis and Medication service, you will receive comments that will be directed at what works and what doesn’t work in the following areas:

Genre and Tone

Plot and Maintaining Dramatic Action

Character Arc, Character Consistency, Character Novelty

Dialogue and Scene Structure

A Brief Comment on Marketability

Format Problems and Suggestions

The analysis features a 40-minute digital recording with the “doctor’s examination” of your baby. A 5- to 7-page outline of our comments (about 1,200 words) accompanies the recording, which expands on the points in the outline. And the script comes back with margin notes in key passages for even more detail in the feedback.

We make very few rewrite suggestions.  The emphasis will be on analysis and any diagnostic terminology will come with definitions.

Standard Price $4.00 minimum per page. Based on the standard screenplay format with a reading time or playing time of 1 minute.

We will let you know if your script format means a higher or lower charge per page. A 100-page script in standard format would cost $400.

Purchase Services

Screenplay Diagnosis and Medication
Medication: $4.00 per page


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