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There are only a few dozen prestigious, reputable competitions. But which screenplay from among the winners of all of these quality competitions is the best of the best?

All of us at are amazed at the response – we continue to rapidly increase our entries — in this the eighth year of our Contest. To show our gratitude, we take the extra time and expense of getting two Writer Judge’s coverage-style evaluations sent to every single entrant in the Contest. Our evaluations are worth $300 and our entrants have found them immensely helpful; you can check out their testimonials online.

Who is the best of the best? The Contest of Contest Winners™ hopes to answer that question and shine the spotlight on these accomplished, award-winning screenplays. A good showing in this contest proves your script stands out among the toughest competition. What a priceless marketing tool for your screenplay!

Our top ten Finalists also received free Final Draft software from our Sponsor.

We directly contact more than 200 publications, agencies and production companies with the names and screenplays of our 10 Finalists. Last year’s winner received more than 40 requests for his script or synopsis.

Unlike most contests, our judges are working professionals. This includes ScriptDoctor (rated No. 1 in a national survey of script consultants), Howard Allen. And Chris Haughom who has been in the film business for over 30 years, starting out as the Executive Assistant to the President of Filmways Pictures, reading and approving scripts for pick-up and distribution, making the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival, and then moving on to foreign film distribution with Bobby Meyers, who was a co-founder and the first president of the American Film Market. Also a highly sought-out script consultant, Chris has also been a judge for the Nicholl Fellowships for the past 19 years. And with Victoria Lucas almost 20 years of experience as a development and production executive at both major studios and independent film companies. She is also a highly sought-out consultant.

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We would like to thank our sponsors and the great response we got from all of the contest winners who entered. We remind everyone that our Entrants can qualify by just being Quarter-Finalists or Semi-Finalists in certain contests like the Nicholl Competition (see for details).


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Love in Time
– Tony Scott

Coming of Age/Romantic Drama

In recently desegregated mid-70¹s Mississippi, a poor white boy and a
privileged black girl in a teen Funk band fall in love, igniting conflicts
of race, class and religion that culminate in tragic consequences.


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Activity Bus #61
– William Parsons

Coming Of Age Drama

After a horrific school bus accident takes the life of the girl they both have feelings for, a deliberately outrageous nerd and a high school jock learn that they don’t have to play the roles the world has chosen for them.










– Jessica Montalvo & Maria Suarez-Ruiz &


Now a young widow, Luisa returns to her family’s crumbling hacienda in Mexico to start a new life but mysterious and increasingly terrifying events begin to haunt her. They seem linked to a long-ago explosion that unleashed a torrent of water — burying the entire town nearby. All blamed on her ancestor. Souls from the past and present dangerously collide as the anniversary of the tragedy approaches.









– Filip Thomas Cornell

Supernatural Thriller

In the midst of McCarthy’s Communist witch hunt, college student Thomas becomes convinced that he is slowly being possessed by a ghost when he suddenly begins playing the trumpet like a virtuoso and then sees the other man’s face in the mirror. As he delves into the mystery, Thomas learns that the spirit was a classical musician, who was jailed nine years before as a Communist sympathizer, and who will take over his body unless a black magic spell can be broken.









Dead Enders
– Brent Hartinger

Romantic Comedy/Black Comedy

Bill is a loser who hates life; Taylor is a dominatrix who hates people. During a near-death experience, Bill discovers heaven is a fantastic place. Forced to return to earth, he tries to kill himself to return to heaven, but quickly learns that suicide go to hell. With both Bill and Taylor determined to end their miserable existences, they team up to live life so dangerously that they’ll “accidentally” end up dead. But killing themselves proves far more difficult than expected, especially when they fall in love.









Settling The Books
– Russ Meyer


A billionaire rare book merchant uses the premature reading of his will to seal five heirs, who he perceived to have wronged him, into an airtight panic room, and they can only escape by solving the mystery contained in the thousand year old book, ‘The Castilian Cypher’.









Somewhere South Dakota
– Theresa Giese

Romantic Comedy

When a New York Divorce attorney inherits property in a small South Dakota town he is as surprised as anyone to discover his inner cowboy. Now he has to choose between the woman he loves and the dream he never knew he had.









Storm Dragons
– Leonardo Reis

Epic Fantasy/Action-Adventure

In a land ravaged by endless battles, the Dragon God created a Covenant where champions fight to the death to keep the peace. But one chosen warrior’s revenge against the killer of his family risks starting the bloody war he has sworn to prevent.


Marat Berdyyev







– Marat Berdyyev

All borders are closed. A brutal despot controls the overpopulated country by rationing the precious water supply, when a man with the astonishing ability to swap minds with others joins the rebel movement. Can the state armies stop him? Or will the compassion he unexpectedly feels for his enemies be his downfall?









The Orb
– Doris Gill


It is 1944. In Seattle four over-achieving high school students struggle with fallout from the world war as well as their broken and abusive families. Unknown to them a secret government group is searching for the right teenagers to attempt a military mission – a space trip to a distant galaxy in a quest for universal peace — and they have been chosen.