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There are dozens of screenwriting competitions held annually across the country. But which screenplay from among the winners of all of these quality competitions is the best of the best?

All of us at are amazed at the response. To show our gratitude, we took the extra time and expense of getting two Writer Judge’s coverage-style evaluations sent to every single entrant in the Contest.

Who is the best of the best? The Contest of Contest Winners ™ hopes to answer that question and shine the spotlight on these accomplished, award-winning screenplays. A good showing in this contest proves your script stands out among the toughest competition. What a priceless marketing tool for your screenplay!

Our top ten Finalists also received free screenwriting software, courtesy of Final Draft.

Also as promised, we directly contacted more than 200 publications, agencies and production companies with the names and screenplays of our 10 Finalists. Last year’s winner received more than 40 requests for his script or synopsis.

Our access to major studios and production companies is aided by the fact that many of our judges are working professionals. This includes ScriptDoctor (rated No. 1 in a national survey), Howard Allen. And Chris Haughom, who has been in the film business for over 25 years, starting out in the biz as Executive Assistant to the President of Filmways Pictures, Inc. Over the years, Chris evaluated scripts for AFI, CAA and many production companies, and also wrote many script novelizations. For the past 16 years, Chris has been a Judge for the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowships, reading over 250 scripts in a 4-month period each year. And Victoria Lucas with almost 20 years of experience as a development and production executive at both major studios and independent film companies.

Our First Place Winner received a cash prize, a free set of Story Notes from (valued at $700), as well as the prize given to the top ten Finalists.

We would like to thank our sponsors and the great response we got from all of the contest winners who entered. We remind everyone that our Entrants can qualify by just being Quarter-Finalists or Semi-Finalists in certain contests like the Nicholl Competition (see for details).


The Winner


Beyond The Horizon
George Ferris

In the 1920’s, taken in by his childless uncle and aunt in rural Pennsylvania, a 15-year-old orphan finds his passion for airplanes fueled by a brave pilot at a nearby airfield, who’s secretly giving him flying lessons.  The airfield closes, the pilot takes off to compete in a highly publicized trans-Pacific air race … and the boy makes a life-changing decision to follow, only to discover the pilot has been hiding dark secrets about his past.

Finalists (in alphabetical order)

Anatomy of a Town
– Patricia Fox

The discovery of a dead woman in the wintry small town of Chippewa Heights sets the Chief of Police on a murder investigation made more complicated by his recent short-lived affair with the victim.  Uncovering a host of suspects, he discovers a long-hidden secret explaining the killing and a web of deceit stretching back decades.

– Brent Hartinger

Plagued by nightmares, 13 year-old Julie wakes one night to find herself in Slumberia, a strange world where screenwriters and movie crews create and film the very dreams that terrify her.   Collecting a motley group of unlikely friends, Julie must figure a way to escape Slumberia or face being trapped in those nightmares forever.

– John Edward Flynt

Wealthy African-American shipping magnate Marten LeBron enjoyis a quiet semi-retirement in Mississippi until a terminally ill friend begs him to track his long-missing daughter.  Traveling incognito to Miami, Marten encounters casual racism, danger and even his estranged brother, while uncovering the plight of refugees — past and present – caught in the lucrative world of human trafficking.

Of Kings And Concubines
– Ronald L. Ecker

A king falls in love with a peasant girl, and it almost brings down the kingdom. But not just any king in this farcical version of King David and the woman he thinks is Bathsheba.

The Patriot Act
– Steven Oppenheimer

A Secret Service agent, on trial for assassinating the President, realizes on the witness stand that before answering to the jury he must first answer to himself: Was firing the fatal bullet a crime or an act of conscience?

Reasonably Crazy
– Christopher Willis

In a University Psych Clinic, a young receptionist seeks out the most unavailable and commitment-phobic grad student, 10 years her senior, who suffers vivid flashbacks from an Iraq firefight where several comrades were killed. Whip-smart with amazing intuition about the patients, she looks like a biker chick and he looks like trouble — neither will ever be the same.

Say Goodbye Boris
– Tom Ziegler & Tony Ziegler

In 1966, Stanley has his life planned – marry the daughter of a grocery store owner and work up to the position of manager. But he meets Vicky in a bar and they spend a wild and scary couple of days. Flashforward 20 years, and Stanley’s stuck-in-amber, domesticated Grocery Manager life changes with a letter from Vicky,

There Is a Season
– Stuart Creque

When a suicide bomber detonates his bomb on a Jerusalem street it sets two very different families, one Israeli, one Palestinian, on a collision course of unimaginable tragedy.  Then, almost magically, a long-lasting snowstorm blankets the region with a sense of peace, and unexpectedly, there may be reason to hope.

Uncle Hoppy & Pecos
– Clinton Braly

Prickly, estranged half-brothers Carson and Thane haven’t spoken in 50 years when an accident to a grandchild forces them together to deal with the boy’s recovery.  Complicating matters is Pecos Bill–an inept but eager Guardian Angel – who shows up to help them become a family again.